Maison Renoux

Since moving to a small farm in Stanley, he has made small batches of apple cider since 2000, from his own fruit trees and others sourced nearby, which he will soon sell in small batches locally.

But it is perhaps his apple cider vinegar — and range of other vinegars such as red and white wine, raspberry and a reduced “pommo”, similar to balsamic — for which he has developed a following.

Created by accident a decade ago — when his apple cider was bottled before fermentation had finished — he has only just got around to bottling and selling his Maison Renoux vinegars in selected outlets in the North East and Melbourne.

Wymah Organic Lamb

Our Mediterranean-like climate had allowed us to grow the most flavoursome organic olives and golden organic olive oils. The lovely Wymah Valley grows lush pastures enabling us to produce sweet tasting, organic pasture fed lamb.

King Valley Dairy


Founded in 2010, King Valley Dairy began in an old butter factory in the Victorian Alpine town of Myrtleford. After 4 years and many awards Myrtleford Butter soon out grew its capacity in the old butter factory and the owners Naomi Ingleton and David Taylor searched the area for a suitable site to continue to build their premium naturally cultured products.

Another old Dairy Factory became available in the near by town of Moyhu in the King Valley and in 2016 Myrtleford Butter became King Valley Dairy, a 6.5 acre permaculture farm on the banks of the King River with restaurant, extensive food gardens and tasting area.

Pasta Adele

Our handcrafted pasta evolved from the rustic tradition of Valli Del Pasubio, a region of Vicenza in Northern Italy, homeland of my mother Adele.

I fondly remember my mum always having an endless supply of homemade pasta, stashed away in the cupboard ready to give visiting family and friends. The tremendous pride and joy this gave her led me to replicate and name our product, Pasta Adele, as a tribute to her.
Adele Pasta is produced on our rural property, situated at the foot of Paradise Falls in the small hamlet of Cheshunt, in the picturesque King Valley wine region of the North East Victoria.
It is handcrafted using only wholesome natural ingredients; Free range eggs, durum wheat flour and is proudly free of artificial preservatives, colours and flavouring.
Prior to packaging it is hung and allowed to dry naturally, maximising freshness and shelf life.
The Pasta Adele range include: Traditional Plain, Italian Mixed Herbs, Chilli, Spinach, Cracked Pepper and Squid Ink.
We have recently introduced a ready to serve tomato based Sauce to compliment our pasta, and hope to bring you more varieties in the sauce and pasta products soon.
Crostoli, a delicate, feather light, melt-in-the-mouth sweet pastry, is a delight with coffee or as a desert; it too was also one of mum’s specialties and is proudly included in our range.

Ninn’s Pantry

Growing up in the country has given me a deep sense of appreciation and respect for seasonal produce, as did my mother before me.  
                                                                                                Bronwyn Ingleton – Ninn’s Pantry

Ninn’s Pantry creates jams, preserves, condiments and delicacies that are hand crafted in small batches from the abundance of fresh, seasonal produce grown in the King Valley & North East Victoria’s rich soils and pristine alpine water.

Using family recipes handed down through the generations, all Ninn’s Pantry products are created with family love and a true appreciation of natural, quality, seasonal fruit and vegetables, rich in nutrients and intense in flavour.

Ninn’s Pantry uses only the best quality, fresh, locally sourced produce that is ethically and sustainability grown, sealing in the intense flavours of prime fruit and vegetables…..the way nature intended.

You can be confident that all Ninn’s Pantry jams, preserves and condiments are free from chemicals, preservatives, additives and colours, making them an ideal treat for the health conscious and a great natural family favourite.

All Ninn’s Pantry products are natural, free range and made by hand with love.

Katamitite Garlic

Katamatite Garlic is a small family farm in Katamatite, Victoria, Australia.

Our Aim is to help people to renew their connection with real food and to get excited about it.

Our Philosophy

We grow Premium quality, chemical free, organically grown food for local people. We don’t use any chemical fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides or soil conditioners. Nor do we use heavy machinery.

Our gardens are designed using permaculture principles and use natural organic methods that gradually improve the soil rather than deplete it. Our garlic is hand planted, harvested, cleaned and prepared. It is ideal for people who enjoy quality food, are conscious of their health and the health of the environment.

Our core beliefs are based on Earth Care and People Care. Quality food should not cost us the Earth.

Huon Free Range Farm Eggs

Huon Farms is run by Phillip & Leanne O’Connell.

They farm free range chickens and Murray Grey cattle. They have been on the farm for fifteen years. They also grow seasonal fruit and vegetables. Australian Organic Purple Garlic is a favorite and this year’s crop was sold before harvest.

They like to do things small but well. They are both practicing perfectionists so it’s been a long time getting to this point. We hope you love our products.

Grassroots Beef

100% grass fed beef…feel good about the meat you eat.

Buy the beef which is best for your health. Grass fed beef is higher in vitamins A and D, with more healthy omega 3’s, loads of iron and less Omega 6’s (harmful fats) than grain fed beef.

We sell a large variety of cuts, specialising in those you cannot get elsewhere.

Our cattle have never been in a semi trailer or been fed antibiotics or hormone growth promotants.

 Your custom helps us continue our extensive tree planting program, protect 150 hectares of fantastic bush and provide habitat for 170 species of birds and iconic native wildlife.

Gamze Smokehouse

Free Range, Gluten Free, Hand Crafted, Naturally Wood Smoked

If you are looking for an all-natural product free from unnecessary food additives then our smallgoods are for you!

Family owned and operated for over 30 years